Are You Ready for the Next Question?

Peter was outspoken answering questions here and there; sometimes when he presumed he was ready to answer a question, he was not. How well do we know what to do when we get questions asked to us–what about this in the Bible? How do I become a Christian?….We've all been asked questions. How have you done? Do you look around and say who's next? What's next? Will there be more? It will be put to us and rightly so. When we profess Christianity we will be expected to answer questions. It's sad that we know a lot about some things; we can share those in great detail, but when it comes to the things of Christ, we find ourselves awkward?

I Peter 3
15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

16 Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil
of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your
good conversation in Christ.

In these verses Peter speaks to every believer and underscores the significance of knowing about the Lord and his Word. We confess to be Christians. When people around us wonder about things, who would they come to other than us? If you have a motor problem in the car, you go to the mechanic. If you have a plumbing problem you go to a plumber. We should expect those with questions about Christianity to come to us. Who else would they go to?

Why is it then that we are simple about the things of Christianity? We can make such a difference; we have so much to learn. Jesus said to take my yoke upon you and learn of me. A disciple is a student of their teacher. It's not the teacher's fault here; it's our inability to listen. Before I can answer I must understand. The Bible is first meant to believe and second to understand. If you run into a problem at work you have to find a way around it or you don't have a job. We need to be that versed in our relationship with God. That's why Peter says to sanctify the Lord in your hearts. Stay in God's will. Learn.

Someone can ask us a question about our mother, father, sister,

brother, or a friend and we're ready to answer, but then we stutter
when asked a question concerning Christianity. The more we understand a person, the more we can speak of them. We cannot presume we know answers about God; we need to be ready to answer them or they will go elsewhere. The Great Commission is to witness, each and everyone of us, as a child of God.

How will the questions come? It could be inquisitive. How? Peter at Pentecost. Phillip in the desert. They both had a real personal relationship with God. It was from personal contact. Both were asked how. They both were ready with the answer.

Others will try to debate and argue. How you answer is as important as the answer. Remember soft answers turn away wrath. We have no license to be smart and sarcastic back with someone who treats us the same. The Bible is a two-edged sword and that sword can turn around and cut us as well. The Bible is not up for debate.

Others want to know what's right or wrong. Many times you may be asked this in a crowd. Look where Peter was when he denied Jesus–in a crowd. We cannot and should not avoid coming right out with the truth. Jesus said if we follow him, we must take up the cross. Are we faithful to right and wrong?

Then there are those who really are searching for an answer. They are at the bottom, to the point of considering taking their life. The question may be what do I do? The next question might be that kind. Sometimes we only get one chance to answer. Peter couldn't go back and undo his mistakes. Sometimes it's imperative that we have the answer.

How can we not help them? Peter says we can. It's best to have your answers before the questions are asked. The Bible says study to show thyself approved unto God..rightly dividing the Word. We don't get yes or no or true or false questions. We need real answers. Christianity must be told. It must be right. If you don't know the answers, tell them so. Don't be afraid to tell them you'll study it or pray about it. It's better to say I don't know than to act like we do and tell them something wrong.

Study–get more involved with the Lord–get more equipped. The first step to tomorrow's question is to come and ask for help and understanding today. Be ready to give the answer, the answer that will show others true Christianity.